Aasimar Lore
CR: By Class
Type: Outsider (Native)
Environment: Any land
Alignment: Any

Aasimars are the beautiful and the blessed, the descendants of those who have consorted with the angels and other great beings of the good aligned planes. They bear the blood of the celestials in their veins, biological proof of their forbears' worth and righteousness, and the glow of that association is too bright to be contained despite generations of dilution, often expressing itself in undeniable ways. Most people see Aasimars as wise, pure, talented, and beautiful, much more so than the average person. At the same time, Aasimars carry the unique burden of the privileged. With Aasimars' unasked-for gifts comes the natural jealousy of the ordinary people surrounding them; even their closest friends might harbor secret envy. Some Aasimars take their gifts for granted, perhaps even seeing themselves as inherently better than their mundane associates, while others must constantly prove themselves worthy of the admiration (and responsibilities) they're saddled with. Aasimars may question why they were given their gifts, as well as what responsibility they have to those who may not be so blessed. Regardless of an Aasimar's world view, her life is never as easy as others might think.

Origins and birth

Despite the common misconception, not all Aasimars are descended from angels-any good-aligned outsider may pass along its essence, with different Aasimars tracing their heritage to everything from true celestials like Azatas to native outsiders like Garudas. Similarly, the direct result of a union between a good outsider and a humanoid is not an Aasimar, but rather a more exotic creature called a half-celestial-aasimars are those whose bodies are significantly more mundane than outsider. Celestial blood can pass through several generations before manifesting itself in an Aasimar child, and while half-celestials often give birth to Aasimars, it's not uncommon for the celestial blood to go dormant, skipping many generations before surprising parents who may have no idea that a good outsider touched their family tree at some point. While such children's natural beauty and abilities usually protect them from prejudice within their immediate family, the sad truth of the matter is that jealousy and fear of the unknown can strain the relationships between Aasimars and their mundane parents and siblings.

Stories about Aasimar origins are often similar and romanticized: An angel falls in love with a mortal of exceptional beauty and goodness, and while the two cannot share a life together, they share a single night. The truth, however, is that there are numerous other ways for celestial energy to enter a mortal bloodstream. Sometimes it's a direct and intentional action on the part of the outsider. Such a creature may lie with a mortal out of duty to a larger mission, or may even find it necessary to trick a mortal into a liaison in order to further the greater good. An outsider might even come to a mortal and impregnate her without her knowledge, perhaps disguised as a beam of sunlight or a perfumed wind.

Though these tales sound strange-more appropriate to the fiends who create tieflings - such actions are never without some crucial and perhaps divine purpose, and theologians have argued the ethical implications of such tales for generations without reaching a consensus. At other times, women who pray for a child and are deemed worthy by whatever inscrutable criteria the gods use find themselves inexplicably pregnant. (It's also possible for men with the same prayers to find themselves a vessel for this essence as well, transferring it to the next child they conceive.) This sort of divinely assisted conception is most often found (and sought after) by individuals in a loving relationship where standard conception is impossible, such as certain interracial relationships, same-sex relationships, or relationships where one party is sterile.

Lastly, a woman already carrying a child who visits an area full of strong positive energy, such as consecrated ground or the realm of a god, or who is the focus of powerful divine magic, may have her unborn child infused with celestial energy that transforms it into an Aasimar. Aasimar parents are not guaranteed to sire or bear Aasimar children. In fact, most children born of Aasimars possess no extraordinary abilities save perhaps for unusually good looks. Women who carry an Aasimar child report easy pregnancies and deliveries. These women sometimes experience vivid, wonderful dreams full of light and music, the dreams becoming more frequent as their delivery date draws near. Aasimar births rarely experience complications, and Aasimar infants are rarely sick. They cry less than other babies, and thrive even in less than ideal conditions.

Most societies interpret Aasimar births as good omens. Family and friends may gather to celebrate normal births, but if a child appears to have celestial heritage, often the whole village turns out to commemorate the occasion. The head of the local temple might arrive to bless the child-a heartfelt but potentially redundant gesture.


Though for most Aasimars the source of their celestial blood is unknown, there are some who can trace their blood back to a specific type of good outsider and their very personalities may be shaped in a way echoing this ancestry. The Aasimar heritages are as follows

Agathion-Blooded (Idyllkin): Agathion-Blooded, or idyllkin as they are sometimes called, is the name given to Aasimars who are descended from Agathion.
Angel-Blooded (Angelkin): Angel-Blooded, or angelkin as they are sometimes called, is the name given to Aasimars who are descended from angels.
Archon-Blooded (Lawbringers): Archon-Blooded, or lawbringers as they are sometimes called, is the name given to Aasimars who are descended from Archons
Azata-Blooded (Musetouched): Azata-Blooded, or musetouched as they are sometimes called, is the name given to Aasimars who are descended from Azata.
Garuda-Blooded (Plumekith): Garuda-Blooded, or plumekith as they are sometimes called, is the name given to Aasimars who are descended from Garuda.
Peri-Blooded(Emberkin): Peri-Blooded, or emberkin as they are sometimes called, is the name given to Aasimars who are descended from Peri.

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