Alignment: Varies
Capital: Aranthi
Ruler: King William
Government: Hereditary Monarchy
Demonym: Alerian
Adjective: Alerians

Weather in Upper Grasslands

Weather in Lower Grasslands

Weather in HarroGate Wilds

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City States:

The Kingdom of Aleris is divided into three city states each city-state has their own set of rules and laws that they follow along with some kingdom wide laws that are passed down from the kingdoms central government in the capital city of Aranthi.

Aranthi Aria Melahverfi


Aleris is the youngest kingdom in Ezlia, being only 700 years old, yet it has become one of the most rich and powerful nations. How you ask? By spearheading the advancement of civilization and technology in the west.


The country of Aleris was founded roughly 700 years ago. Before the unification of the country, the land had many kingdoms. Noble houses and empires alike rose and fell, while others had self proclaimed rulers which took it upon themselves to try to procure rule within the country. As a result, there was constant civil war among the people. Eventually,three noble houses, House Endrin, House Shaw and House Osworth allied together having similar goals of peace. For the next seventy years or so, the three houses led a massive war campaign against the other kingdoms eventually eliminating many of them. Once this was done, they all agreed that only one house could become the ruler of the new country.

House Endrin, was not interested in becoming the royal family for the land. Their compromise was to keep their land as an independent city-state, but they would follow the laws of the new kingdom. House Osworth and House Shaw finally came to an agreement, resulting in the giving of the city-state Aria to House Osworth and House Shaw became the ruling family for the new kingdom, which was named after an older name of the Goddess Alleria, Aleris.


The expansion of Aleris was rather subtle. Having very little resistance due to most of the resistance from the civil war having diminished it. Will the Duke expand more? Time will tell.



The military for the Kingdom of Aleris is comprised of a variety of different units and troops with outposts in every major city. The other Houses have their own military which add to the military strength of the nation, each having their own specialties and diversity to offer to the defense and power of this human nation.

Noble houses:

House Endrin House Osworth House Shaw


The temperature of Aleris is mostly Temperate, cold winters and warm summers with plentiful crops, herbs, and flowers planted in the Spring and harvested in the Fall. Plenty of herbs, flowers, and wild growing things can be found in the wilds. Farmers have domestic animals and livestock and wildlife may be found in the wilds of the world. Mother Nature provides well for those who learn nature's secrets and ways.

1. HarrowGate Wilds The HarrowGate Wilds is located to the west of the country, its deepest forests are located here.

2. Upper Grasslands The Upper Grasslands is tall grassy meadows as far as the eye can see and sprinkled with farmland too. Most of the Alerian population resides here and many villages can be seen throughout.

3. Lower Grasslands The Lower Grasslands share the same meadows and abundant soil as the Upper Grasslands, but it has more hills and a few valleys. Its demographics are more mixed having most of the non-Alerian races within its region mostly due to being so close to the Kyan and Maj'Dul borders




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