Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Capital: Altasia
Ruler: The Circle
Government: Magrocracy
Demonym: Althenian
Adjective: Althenians

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The history of Althena dates back older than even human civilization but not older than elves. From what the records, tablets and documents say, the people that came to the peninsula where ancient humans, known as cavemen, and over the hundreds of thousand of years the Arcanium energies mutated them, and it evolved them into a totally different species along with the local wildlife and plants. Thus, the vada were born.

For centuries, due to the high levels of Arcanium in the area, other civilizations avoided the area entirely and had no idea that deeper inside the thundering steps there was a entire nation.


With no other sentient species that had an advanced civilization in the peninsula at the time, Althena simply came to be, and though there are tales of small civil wars and conflicts among themselves, they never lasted long. However, because of these civil wars that occurred during the dawn of the Vada civilization, they have advanced magical, and magitech devices at their disposal some which have been introduced to the rest of the world such as the Airship.


Due to its location and high levels of Arcanium radiation, the borders of Althena came naturally. The modern boundaries were the areas with levels of radiation the other civilizations would not go to, and with no other species for competition, the peninsula was entirely their's.


The Government of Althena is a Magocracy, and since a Magocracy only means that the government is made up of magic-users, it can incorporate elements from other political styles. Althena's Magocracy is a meritocracy with democratic elements, in much the same way most city-states in ancient Greece were run. Though the foremost leaders of the The Circle's Archmagi councils tend to be the nation's most skilled wizards, they are elected democratically by all eligible.


Althena has a rather impressive and powerful army. Having commando units and heavy spellslingers among their ranks they also are the only country in the world to have large constructs called Vadalani war golems. Due to being immune to the energies of Arcanium, this has given the people of Althena a technological advantage over all other races despite being a culture mostly focused on magic users. Thankfully, for the rest of the world, the Vadalani people are peaceful, despite their advanced military.

Noble houses:

Althena does not have notable noble families of high standing. Though some families have been known to carry out the political tradition of father to son becoming a member of The Circle.


1. Myrkvior Forest: Myrkvior Forest stands in a perpetual autumn with golden leaves falling from the trees. The Arcanium has made the forest into a strange, yet beautiful environment where creatures of all sorts wander around its forests. Some even unique to just this area of the world. Despite the mass amount of Arcanium underground the forest the area is not as fatal to non Vada.Its believed that the forest itself feeds off the Energies from the underground crystals and creates the magical splendor of Myrkvior Forest also known to the Vada as the "Golden forest".

2. Feredil mountains: The Feredil mountains are located in the upper north west area of Althena. This, however, is where the richest deposits of Arcanium can be found. Its common to see mining villages and camps at the bottom of the mountains created by the Vada to try and make a honest living. It is forbidden for outsiders or non Vada to go to the Feredil mountains, but its not a law that needs to be enforced the radiation levels in this area are deadly to anything that isn't immune to Arcanium.

3. Thundering Steppes: The Thundering Steppes consist of wide valleys separated by impassable hills. The passes, bridges and dry riverbeds create natural choke points which can be dangerous to the traveler. This area is called the thundering steppes due to the dry lighting storms that are known to occur quite often here (at least 4 days out of the seven there is a dry thunderstorm in the sky).

4. Thariel Range: The Thariel Range is one of the most mountainous areas in Althena. Nearly all the ranges run north and south. There are giant fertile basins, barren alkali sinks, countless hot springs and, of course, seemingly endless mountain ranges covered with sagebrush and pinion which typify the Thariel Range's landscape. Thariel Range's mountains are arid and rugged. A few forests are occasionally here and there. Some Vada reside in the great plains as farmers and animal herders here.


Almost everyone in Althena is of Vada descent though there are other races that call Althena their home. It's estimated that there are less than 1% of non natives living within the peninsula. In some cities, however, merchants of every race and culture can be seen trying to sell their goods.

There are myths and exaggerated tales regarding the land and the Arcanium energies that are so concentrated in this area of the world. Though in fact there are large quantities, people can live in most areas of Althena safely however these rumors, myth and tales tend to be enough to keep people at bay from the peninsula.


Vada do not have a specific pantheon or god in which they believe in, most follow the belief of Atheism. There are however a large number of inhabitants that worship Cadmus, Most however simply show the god respect as he was one of their own before he ascended to godhood, celebrate his holidays but do not feel obligated to have deep devotion to the god of magic. Most of the -Temples- Dedicated in cadmus's name are just arcane academies that focus on teaching a specific type of school. Though the Vada are not opposed to allowing their people worship other gods they do not allow temples to other gods to be established in any of the major cities, nor do they condone the worship of Those gods that have been outlawed as public worship such as Nemyth and Zephyra. Worship of Alessa is frowned upon as she is too chaotic to immerse practically with the way of vadalani life.


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