Alignment: Varies
Capital: Xianguo
Ruler: Emperor Kai Shen
Government: Absolute Monarchy

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Races indigenous to Amihama


Minor Ethnicities





Amihama developed its own culture due to being segregated from Norvallen in the ancient past; although, aged ruins and relics show it may share some Kyan culture. It's believed that these two cultures had assimilated from one another after having met in ancient times. Although the exact period of this is unknown, an estimate can easily be made due to the existence of a human race called the Sha`Zhu that are indigenous to Amihama. This would put the time of the events between 15,000 to 20,000 years ago.


Rai tribes used to fight for resources more than actual territory. As they developed as a culture, the tribal mentality began to change into a pride of nationality, and about 100 tribes unified, making the nation known as Amihama. There are a few tribes, especially within the Taizou expanse, that follow the old traditions and mentalities of being hordes and barbarian tribes. Sometimes, they cause a problem with the empire but not often.


The exact date or time period when Amihama expanded is unclear. There are ancient Rai ruins all over the island indicating that the Rai simply took the land for themselves as their culture developed.


The government for Amihama is an absolute monarchy ran by Emperor Kai Shen. His word is law, and he personally appoints government officials. The title of emperor can be passed from father to son, but that practice is not common. Usually, when the emperor dies, the mightiest warrior in all the land is then made emperor. Should, in that time period, there be more than one or none at all, then a tournament known as the Celestial Tournament.

Emperor: Absolute ruler of Amihama.

Prime Minister: One or more high-ranking officials who are the Emperor’s close advisers. They hold of variety of official posts in the administrative hierarchy.

Six Ministries: The core of the traditional imperial system. These are responsible for the administration of important aspects of government. They include the ministries of Rites, Personnel, Revenue, War, Public Works and Justice

Censorate: Its main job was to provide oversight of the bureaucracy. It's charged with notifying the Emperor of any misbehavior among officials and investigating officials outside of the capital. Its generally headed by one or two Censors-in-Chief.


The Amihama military is one of the most structured and organized militaries in the world. Every soldier is taught the principles of leadership and are trained to be able to take charge should their superiors fall down. For example, if the captains are taken down the sergeants take charge, then the corporals, then the privates. Which leads to a old saying "how to beat a Amihama unit? kill them all." This type of structure is enforced from day one, as everyone is always in charge of someone even the privates are trained and conditioned to take care of each other meaning a pecking order if established at such early levels.they are extremely diverse and have numerous special units with different specialties ranging from heavy cavalry, to shock troopers too rifle men.


The land is geographically diverse with forests of many kinds, bamboo groves, taiga, jungles, mountains, rivers, lakes, swamps, plains, deserts, and even terrain with supernatural and magical features. It is a land well-known for its narrow and sharply rising limestone mountains, strong bamboo, colorful deserts, lush forests, long and bountiful rivers, tiered rice patties, and unique man-made structures. Though the empire is a powerful and great civilization, its wilderness is vast. Civilization exists in pockets scattered across the country with few roads and rivers crisscrossing the land to connect them.

Taizou Expanse: The Expanse has some of the most dangerous creatures in all of Amihama if not in all of Erin from Megafauna too creatures from times long forgotten, to wandering tribes of raiders and bandits that make this area their home.


Amihama is the homeland of the Rai there are is however a ethnic of humans called the Sha`Zhu. The inhabitants of Amihama tend to show respect to foreigners tho there are some tribes that can prove to be hostile for no reason to them.


There are various belief systems in Amihama, however the more dominant ones are Ichimeiyo and Tamashigo. Despite their patron god being Hirai and having had a large part in the development of Rai society and culture, he has fallen out of favor over the years among the Rai as their culture began to lean more towards lawful tendencies, only the most traditionalists of Rai and those from the Taizou expanse still showing full devotion to him.Deidre and Kiyoshi have become rather popular among the people of Amihama along with the human god Avasir.


Symbols throughout Amihama change from clan to clan, city to city and their interpretation of strength is just as varied.Clans tend to use powerful predatory animals (such as the tiger) or majestic creatures such as the dragon in some cases, powerful forces of nature or those depicted as such can be seen in the back of the peoples Changshans and Cheongsams.


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