Animals Animal Gear

Riding Animals

Item Price Weight Quantity allowed
Axe Beak 1,500 gp 500 lbs. 1
Dog, Combat Trained 25 gp See text 1
Dog, Riding 150 gp See text 1
Donkey or Mule 25 gp 1
Horse, Heavy (Combat-Trained) 300gp 1,200 lbs. 1
Horse, Heavy 200gp 1,000 lbs. 1
Horse, Light (Combat-Trained) 110gp 900 lbs. 1
Horse, Light 75gp 600 lbs. 1
Pony (Combat-Trained) 45 gp - 1
Pony 30gp - 1

Not regarding carrying capacity of animals

Remember, that your overall weight (characters weight and gear weight) count towards the maximum carrying capacity for mount animals, if a animal's medium load is 225 and your total weight is that much then the animal's movement speed is reduced accordingly.

Equipment and Supplies for Animals and other Creatures

Item Price Weight Quantity allowed
Barding, Common (Large Creature) x4 ×2 -
Barding, Common (Medium Creature) ×2 ×1 -
Bit and Bridle 2 gp 1 lb. -
Feed (per day) 10 gp 10 lbs. varies
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