Anvilfire Inn
Anvilfire Inn
Location: Aria
District: North Point
Owner: Jason and Calina Renard

The inn has over 60 rooms to house guests from all walks of life, so long as one can afford to rent a room for as long as one requires. In addition to it's large, cozy common room, we offer plenty of space and comfort to meet one's needs. If requested, perhaps arrangements can be made to suit one's desires and needs. Especially if one isn't entirely Human. It charges standard rates and offers standard amenities for an inn. Townsfolk and travelers alike swear the food is scrumptious, the drinks are strong and of the best quality. The bonus is that beds are comfy too!

Other inn areas:

The performance room

The performance room is located downstairs and its where various types of performances can be enjoyed. Bards, bands, and even amateurs recite ballads and poems, sing, dance, and even make everyone laugh with comedic displays which make your ribs ache if they're really good! Our entertainers perform so that you might relax after a stressful day, and to earn their own coin of course. While with us, we hope that you enjoy your stay.


AnvilFire Forge

The AnvilFire Forge is located behind the AnvilFire Inn, surrounded by a small barrier that silences any work that may be done during the night so that the guests can sleep comfortably. Jason runs the forge and buys any equipment adventurers may bring to him without asking where they got it from. He also sells and repairs equipment for them. Those that have the skill to use the forge for themselves are welcomed to do so. It is provided they clean up after themselves and leave a small courtesy donation for it's use. Please leave donations inside on the counter. Monetary donations go in the tip jar on the counter; weapons and goods can be laid in the wooden box marked 'Donations' located at the counters end.

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