Size: Metropolis
Population: 300,000
Demographics: 90%Alerian, 10% Various
Government: hereditary monarchy
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Ruler: King William

The city of Aranthi is the captial city of Aleris.


The capital of Aranthi deals in just about anything the mind can come up with. It uses its large ships and caravans to import and export goods from all over Xilrin, from the fine silks of Kyan to oils from Maj'Dul.


The city is ruled by king William and has been for the last 30 years or so since the death of his father, king Ericson. House Shaw is the royal family within the city and has most of the positions of power within the city; however, the royal counsel is composed of citizens of the kingdom that proved themselves one way or another to be within its ranks.


The area around Aranthi is a geographically-diverse region that features a high concentration of settlements and towns besides the capital itself. Like many regions south within the grasslands, this territory is fertile and not particularly hilly or mountainous.

A person arriving in Aranthi from the sea would see nothing but the city from one end of the horizon to the other. Arbours, granaries, manses, warehouses, inns, taverns, merchant stalls, and the like are everywhere. A hundred quays line the waterfront, and the scent of the great fish market is instantly recognizable. Activity in Aranthi is feverish as the city’s structures are built practically on top of each other and at all angles, and they are all constantly in use by the throngs that inhabit the city. Typically, the higher one climbs, the more exclusive the shops and more expensive the merchandise.


Aranthi originally was a fishing villiage a few thousand years ago, but, due to its location, climate and fertile soil, a greater quantity of people started to congregate in the region. This lead to the village becoming a city with a rather large port, and as trade began with other nations, its wealth increased. It is no surprise that Aranthi, over the years, became the metropolis it is today, and that it was chosen to be the capital city of the kingdom of Aleris due to its rather convenient location.


As the largest city in Aleris], and the seat of power, influences from all parts of the kingdom find their way here. Most Nobles and lrods come to Aranthia at some point in their lives. Many establish a regular presence in the city in order to stay in touch with happenings in court. Visitors and merchants pass through, often taking up residence in the largest port in Aleris. Some possess a useful skill to ply in their new home, but others find
themselves resorting to less savoury acts to survive. With all social classes present and confined within the walls of the city, it is not inconceivable to imagine the lowest-born thief rubbing shoulders with the wealthiest of nobles — or at least passing by on the same street.

For those not well born, life in the city can be hard. Merchants must always be wary of the ubiquitous thieves that populate the poorer portions of town; these thieves, meanwhile, must be on guard against one another, as well as against the city guards.

Every civilized humanoid race in Xilrin has at least one representative somewhere in Aranthi. Make no mistake, though: despite its cosmopolitan leanings, Aranthi is definitely a human city with 90% of its population being humans of Alerian descent.


The main cathedrals and churches for the Allerian pantheon are located within the city of Aranthi.though there are various other religious within the city walls, only the pantheon has the luxury of having temples and cathedrals here,so almost everyone within the city worships the pantheon gods with less than 5% having any other type of religion.

Military Might


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