Account name: Ashria
Created: August 2, 2015

Western Kingdoms Characters

Character Name Class Level Date of Birth Character Picture
Katsurou Bard 3 12,026 3rd Month Unknown
Arceus Vanguard 3 12,021 3rd Month Cobra Scientist; GI Joe
Blake Fighter 3 12,032 10th Month Unknown

Calari Characters

Character Name Class Level Date of Birth Character Picture
Character's name Classes and class levels(if multiclassed) Character level Character's DoB Source where picture is from (if you don't know, don't worry about it)

Freeform Characters

Character Name Class Date of Birth Character Picture
Firus Kincade Cleric 5M 12,037 Custom Character from FFXIV

Preferred Post length

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Very short (1-2 sentences) X
short (2-4 sentences) X
Semi-Paragraph ( 4-7 Sentences) X
Strong paragraph ( 10-14 sentences) X
No preference

Other Information

Just a little about me as a player: I have been RPing for about 18 years, I play MMOs as a side hobby when I am not working, and I watch anime. I do have a boyfriend, so, out of respect for him, I am not looking to cyber hookup with my character(s). Please respect that boundary. You are more than welcomed to interact with my characters otherwise, however. If we share some common interests as friends, I'll be more than happy to share them with you. =) I like to talk about video games a lot (JRPG/Strategy mostly), or if you play MMOs or watch anime. I'm always willing to make new friends! See you in the game! <3

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