(Denial of Divine Authority)
Aligment: Any
Centers of Belief: Althena
Compatible Beliefs: Codes of honor, druidism, monasticism
Associated Beliefs: Any religion based around deities

Though Atheism isn't something secluded to one nation it is mostly associated with Vada

On Erin, "atheism" usually denotes the belief that those beings commonly called "gods" are not worthy of the authority and reverence bestowed upon them by others. Atheists rarely doubt the existence of deities , and generally acknowledge that deities are very powerful beings, but deem them no more than that. Instead of gods, they tend to revere ideals such as goodness or freedom, philosophies or diabolism, or nothing in particular. Though some scholars argue that the term "atheist" is incorrectly applied to these people preferring terms such as "dystheists" or "misotheists" such distinctions are lost on a generally religious society, and most accept the more common term.

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