Axe Beak

Enormous birds that vaguely resemble a cross between a parrot and an ostrich, axe beaks are known for their aggressive and territorial demeanor. Though wild axe beaks rarely brook intruders into their hunting grounds, domesticated varieties are relatively common. Axe beaks are indigenous to Althena and are only found in in that nation however, they are currently the only animal allowed to be sold to other nations outside of Althena,but all the specimens are sterilized before being shipped off to other parts of the world.There are special stables that breed them in branches all over the world owned by the same company and always ran by Vada.

Special: On the game of xilrin Axe beaks are immune to Arcanium.

Axe Beaks

Note: Only Combat Trained Mounts can wear Barding, if you want your mount to be able to wear light armor swap out Skill Focus for Light armor proficiency, if you want your horse to wear medium barding swap out both feats the animal has for light armor proficiency and medium armor proficiency

Need the code?

below are the codes for every horse so you can put them in your character sheet putting the code is simple!

Step 1: on your code look for class the class ability code
Step 2: see [[/tab]] paste the code UNDERNEATH this and done now you have a mount tab if you get vehicles or whatever the tab can be changed to mount/vehicles or something of the sort.

you will notice the mount has a few additions when you put the code this way such as saddle bags, a barding and even wondrous item slots a horses Magic item limitation is 1/2 of what your characters magic item limitation is. keep in mind that these extra slots still count towards the limit of a item you can carry for example if you put 10 potions in the saddle bags that doesn't mean you can get another 10 the intent of this is to Alleviate some of the bigger heavier items that you have. and some items are pretty much impossible to even carry without a mount (such as a pavilion sized tent). if you still need help, please feel free to ask a GM.

The wondrous item slots are self explanatory it says which ones can be put on the mount.

Axe Beak code
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