Berdine Woods
Berdine Woods


The Berdine Woods were once very vast and dense. It covered from the edges of The Commonlands to the edge of the D’kalkaya fields of Maj'Dul. There was a variety of wildlife and game that roamed the woods. The Berdine Woods was and still remains the best hunting grounds for Hunters, Rangers and trophy seekers. Though much of the woods was cut back due to the expansion of Aria. The old ruler of Aria, though knew the importance of the woods and decreed that no more should be cut back from them. So they expanded westerly more toward HarrowGate Wilds.


The Berdine Woods is a thickly dense forest that expands from the edges of Aria to the edge of the D’kalkaya fields of Maj'Dul now. There is all kinds of wildlife and various game that live in these woods. The Woods is the place for hunting, whether you hunt to make a living or for sport. Though the woods are protected by the Duke of Aria and are treated as royal hunting grounds. As such hunters and rangers have to have a permit to allow them to hunt in the woods. This is done so the wildlife is not thinned out from over hunting.

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