Buying And Selling Equipment

Buying Equipment

You can buy non-magical items without the need for a discussion topic; however, mind the stacks for an item and how many you can have at once.

always consult a GM even if a discussion topic is not needed

These items are still considered items (meaning subject to damage and other CMB effects), but your character automatically is hand-waived to have them. You do not need to purchase them.


Players are treated as having a bandoleer, a quiver, whatever the case may be, that can carry up to 80 pieces of ammunition total.

Trading Items

A player may receive an item or gold from another player once per month. You must fill out a discussion forum and wait for the trade to be approved. Failure to do so will result in the item or gold being destroyed.

Trying to play ignorant and claim you didn't see this will not be an acceptable excuse, as this is put in a place where it is impossible for you to miss it.

The gold does have a limit and it's subject to GM discretion in terms of the amount and item traded to the other player. This is not done to screw you, but to avoid potential exploiting. Don't act like you don't know any better; chances are if you're attempting to do it in large quantities, you do. Furthermore, you can't trade to characters you own; this goes without saying. Other GM discretion not listed may apply.

The format will be typed in the discussion forum as follows:

Giving so and so <item/gold/whatever>
Date given to character: (this is so we know your character received a item)

Submit the discussion, then show it to a GM in #Xilrin-Shoptalk. It will be approved and/or adjusted based on what you are trying to do.

Mind the Players level, Magic item limitation is also a wealth guide and is used to gauge some mundane items for example, trying to give a level 3 player a full set of adamantine or mithral equipment to twink them will be automatically rejected always consult the Staff in #Xilrin-Shoptalk when making Any Trade.

These are just basic guideline rules of course, its impossible for us to set a stable set of rules regarding player trading so keep in mind the GM may choose to ignore these rules or add amendments to them on a case by case basis.

Selling Gems

Gems sell for 1/2 their listed value unless otherwise stated by the DM.

Selling Equipment

To sell items, you must go to shopkeepers in the game. Here are their default CRs and stats. You must contact a GM if you are selling items so they can monitor it, whether it's after a quest or otherwise. If none are present, be patient, one will be available soon.

Shopkeepers have a set amount of gold on them depending the quality of their store. If the item is too expensive, they may not be able to afford to give you a high price. All shopkeepers have a set percentage in which they sell.
If you wish to haggle its as simple as doing opposite diplomacy rolls with the shopkeeper, but be warned: you only get one try and once you make the roll, you have to sell the item for the price offered. No reward without risk, right? Right. This is intended so the selling system is fast play and not a time consuming, time draining task. Also this is meant to be a quick fast play sell system so let's not throw any lame technicalities like "Well I can intimidate!", etc. Just follow the sell rules, don't be that guy.

Type Default sell percentage Diplomacy increase Max gold on him
Shopkeeper (Level 4) 1% 2% 6,000 gp
Shopkeeper (Level 8) 2% 3% 33,000 gp
Shopkeeper (Level 12) 3% 4% 108,000 gp
Shopkeeper (Level 16) 4% 5% 315,000 gp
Shopkeeper (Level 20) 5% 6% 880,000 gp

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