Alignment: Neutral
Government: Varies

Calari (or the new world as some call it) is a continent with a few islands to the far east.

Regarding the Organization of Calari

Calari is open world and freely structured, meaning most of the content is is what players themselves add. from villages to just some type of landscape they live to visit to some tavern at the side of the road your imagination is no limit.

There are a few rules you have to follow regarding adding content however.
1. Please use the site format there are templates provided for you.
2. Don't be trying to claim royalty or a duke, or a baron or anything silly like that you can however say you are the governor of a village, or something of the sort.
3. As always talk to the staff about your idea and for help we probably won't say no unless you go over the wall with it but we do like to know whats going on.
4. No paradoxing, if you make a character in calari you can't magically appear on the western kingdoms.
5. All characters must be full sheets, unfortunately that means no freeform sheets.

Races indigenous to Calari

Beastfolk Half-Orc Orcs

Minor Ethnicities

Any Race Originating from the Western Kingdoms


Calari is a continent that was discovered 700 years ago when ancient charts in some Grey Elf ruins where discovered, and they noticed that the map showed a continent to the far east. Of course, the concern if it was even there was in question. The map was discovered by a Hajrl named Calari Rlenel. For 20 years of his life, Calari wandered to Norvallen, even down as far as Amihama, trying to convince the kingdoms that his discovery was not a hoax.

This might have been a mistake made by Calari due to his desperation to try and convince the nations that this continent existed at the same time. The countries began to carefully monitor each other for any fleets that may attempt to head out to the far west. Accusations and conspiracy theories rose and tension grew between the counties seeing who would attempt this exploration as a sacrificial lamb, and, if true, others would follow. It was Calari himself who called for the houses and rulers of the land to have a meeting.

It took months for them to approve the meeting, but, eventually, it took place in the city of Aria. After days of debating and disagreements, they finally agreed to create a fleet and militia composed of every nation and made Calari the admiral of it. It granted him permission and unlimited funds to try and find this new world under the conditions that any finds would be shared to all the governments. Setting out on his voyage he did in fact discover a new continent and told all the nations.


Officially, there is no expansion in the continent of Calari beastmen dwell within the land along with other races such as orcs, with colonials having villages here and there.


There are two known types of governments in the continent of Calari.

Tribalism: The most common form of government and used by the Beastfolk . It varies from tribe to tribe from warchiefs being in control, to a council of elders or a single shamanistic figure.

Colonial law: These are laws created by the various colonies through Calari. Each colony has a different set of laws based on the geographical position of it and which country has claims and governance over it. They are all ran by leaders called governors which are appointed by its respected country.


The military bodies of Calari vary, from barbarian hordes by the Orcs, (And sometimes Beastfolk, to more organized fighters that learned the ways of the old world. Some colonies have their own militia men that protect the cites, and there are nearby territories they have claim to where some have militias and a military deployed from their country working together. Some may just have the military fully in charge of the defense of a city it varies from colony to colony based on its needs.


The geography of Calari is extremely diverse based on the region in question, from untamed jungles and forests to prairies, there are even some areas of ice and snow to the far north.


Calari is mostly inhabited by Beastfolk, and orcs in the deeper areas of the continent however, due to colonial immigration to the continent there are a few areas with very small populations of any of the other races.


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