Calina Renard
Calina "Ma" Renard
Titles: Owner of the AnvilFire Inn
Date Of birth: 12,010
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Race: Alerian
Class: Witch
Homeland: Aleris
Diety: Atheism Deception Patron


Calina is the wife and part owner of the AnvilFire Inn with her husband Jason. She traveled with him during his adventures and when he retired, so did she. She is a well known mystic and healer in the city and is sometimes referred to as the "AnvilFire Witch". Nothing is known about her past and what she did before she started to adventure with Jason. There are rumors that she used to be a witch in a former coven and ran off with him for the thrill of adventure. Some claim that she is really a demon in disguise. The truth to any of these claims will never be truly known.


Despite the rumors that are around her regarding her back history, she is very motherly towards young adventurers specially those gifted in the magical arts and guides them as best as she can. She was nicknamed "Ma" because she reminds the younger crowd and adventurers of a mother that is nice, but can be rather stern from time to time. She is known to sometimes walk around the tavern and mingle with the patrons and sometimes even cooks them meals, or heals their wounds if she feels inclined to do so. She is both respected and feared by the patrons of the tavern. Knowing her wrath is as powerful as her motherly affection and care. Word to the wise, angering her, is a horrible idea. You just might be cursed to scrub the chamber pots for all your days!


Calina tends to dress in silken robes and more flowing clothing to allow her to move freely. She has an unearthly beauty to her in that she has not age as rapidly as others. She is strikingly beautiful, but there is a coldness to her that is frightening. She has a slender build with flawless skin and silver locks. She does not seem like she is as old as her husband Jason, but that could be the rumors of her black history.

Politics and Beliefs

Calina is indifferent about the city-state of Aria and has nothing good or bad to say about it. She is open minded and accepting to the other deities and religions of the world. Most worshipers of the cult worshipers show great respect to her and generally don't do any practices within the city block of the tavern due to her, like most witches, being territorial.

regarding Calina

Calina is an open NPC, anyone is welcome to use her or associate with her somehow in their roleplay. As with Jason, please don't abuse her powers, or the character. Like her husband, if she cannot help you, perhaps she knows someone who can.

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