Character Experience

This is a table for the experience your character has earned. Please make sure that it matches your sheet! If there is something wrong and your sheet shows more than what this table does, please bring it to the attention of an OP. Thank you!

If you've been on a quest, your experience should be here. You can view the quests by going to Quest Log.

If you've been away a while or have forgotten one of your characters, they may have been moved to the Inactive list. Don't worry, they're still in the game, we just like to keep this list neat and trim!

Characters below level 5 may be subject to deletion due to player inactivity at the GMs' discretion. Lurking on the channels and speaking in the ooc room do not count as activity. Level 1 characters that have been inactive for extended periods of time will be deleted. Ask a GM for details.

NOTE: Character Experience updated every Sunday. If your character's XP is higher than master, please PM an OP with source of additional XP. If your character is lower than master, please update your sheet to reflect the master.

Regarding level ups

You cannot -hold- your level and continue to quest. A character cannot participate on a quest until they have done their level up should they level.

Character Experience table

Character Name Current Level XP Tally New Level
Alyxa 3 8,500 3
Character Name
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