Children Rules

Sometimes people wish to play the bond of a parent and a child in roleplay. Some games ban the registration of children entirely due to a lot of people ruining that experience. Tor justifiable reasons, it sometimes causes problems by people that feel obligated to play them like jackasses or in a disruptive manner or "attention whoring." Though we will not ban the registration of children, we will have some rules regarding them as follows:

Approval: All child registrations need to be approved and the staff has the right to simply say no to you and not give you a explanation.

1. Need Parents: You will not start out as some street urchin or some orphan unless you get adopted by a character in play. No it cannot be your own.

2. Level Cap and Point Buy: You will start out as a 10 point buy character and will cap out at level 3 no exceptions.

3. Classes: Children can only be the following classes , Sorcerer, Wizard, Warrior, Expert, Commoner.

4. Ages Allowed ages are 8-14 to be considered a child 15-17 are young adults and have the same classes and stats as anyone else. Children will use the Youth template which provides a +2 bonus to Dexterity and a –2 penalty to Strength, Constitution, and Wisdom.

5. No Pedophilia: Goes without saying and, with that said, the staff will interpret borderline behavior and they will decide if it is not you.

6. Disruptive Behavior: The staff will determine what is disruptive behavior some examples are: playing the cliche little brat kid attacking and stealing, causing massive public display of vandalism and trying to use the youth card to not get in trouble. Your character will more than likely get their ass kicked within a inch of their life and treated as an adult, if not potentially dying.

7. Channels: You're only allowed to play in #Xilrin-City, #Westernkingdoms #Calari (and any other public channels.) You are not allowed in the #Xilrin-Tavern as a child.

The general Rule Is: Don't act like a jackass and fuck it up for everyone else

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