We use the variant multiclassing system here

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Regarding Starter Gear

Your character starts out with 1,500 gold and starter equipment based on your class. Starter gear has no value and cannot be sold. If you don't want it, simply delete it from your sheet.

Regarding sheets

Do not alter sheet format in any way leave it as is no exceptions.


Each class has a sheet format already tailor-made for it. Simply click on the link next to the class, then cut and paste the code. See Create new page for instructions how. You may also want to look at Getting Started if you're new.

Approval Required Classes

Approval Required classes are still available to new characters/players. The 'AR' tag does not mean a class is rare or cannot be obtained at creation. A player desiring to make a character with the 'AR' tag will need to speak to DM Replica to understand what they are wanting to be, and what to expect while playing the class. Once the permission is granted, players can resume creation of their character to completion.

Sizes: We provide sheets for small races and medium races just make sure you select the right one.


Classes that are disciplined in an oath or honor code. They've traded the freedoms that other classes take for granted in exchange for some form of access to power or strength whether divine or natural. Not to be underestimated, these classes can be powerful in their own right even if heavily restricted.

Class Class Sheet (Medium) Class Sheet (Small)
Cavalier (AR) Cavalier Sheet Cavalier Sheet Small
Dark Knight (AR) Dark Knight Sheet Dark Knight Sheet Small
Paladin (AR) Paladin Sheet Paladin Sheet Small
Samurai (AR) Samurai Sheet Samurai Sheet Small


These are your front-line fighters. They depend on their martial abilities to stay alive and defend weaker members of their adventuring party, even if from a slight distance. With access to the heavier armors and more powerful weapons, martial classes are more difficult to kill than their magical cousins and can kill just as easily.

Class Class Sheet (Medium) Class Sheet (Small)
Barbarian Barbarian Sheet Barbarian Sheet Small
Fighter Fighter Sheet Fighter Sheet Small
Gunslinger Gunslinger Sheet Gunslinger Sheet Small
Monk Monk Sheet Monk Sheet Small


These are your magic users. With the exception of Magus, and to some extent Cleric, they do not have strong martial/physical capabilities and can be killed easily. Their strengths come from their spells, modified by a variety of metamagic feats or unique class traits that can heal and support allies, curse their enemies or outright rain destruction on the battlefield.

Class Class Sheet (Medium) Class Sheet (Small)
Cleric (AR) Cleric Sheet Cleric Sheet Small
Cloistered Cleric (AR) Cloistered Cleric Sheet Cloistered Cleric Sheet Small
Druid (AR) Druid Sheet Druid Sheet Small
Magus Magus Sheet Magus Sheet Small
Sorcerer Sorcerer Sheet Sorcerer Sheet Small
Witch Witch Sheet Witch Sheet Small
Wizard Wizard Sheet Wizard Sheet Small
Urban Druid (AR) Urban Druid Sheet Urban Druid Sheet Small


Specialists are hybrid-support classes that possess a balance of melee, ranged and magic that makes them versatile in combat situations. Their gimmicks typically involve a single specialization trait that stands out such as 'Sneak Attack' or 'Favored Enemy'. Some create opportunities for unique storyhooks in RP!

Class Class Sheet (Medium) Class Sheet (Small)
Bard Bard Sheet Bard Sheet Small
Dervish Dancer Dervish Dancer Sheet Dervish Dancer Sheet Small
Geisha Geisha Sheet Geisha Sheet Small
Lotus Geisha Lotus Geisha Sheet Lotus Geisha Sheet Small
Ninja Ninja Sheet Ninja Sheet Small
Ranger Ranger Sheet Ranger Sheet Small
Rogue Rogue Sheet Rogue Sheet Small
Urban Ranger Urban Ranger Sheet Urban Ranger Sheet Small
Vanguard (Playtest) Vanguard Sheet Vanguard Sheet Small

Civilian Classes

These classes are here mostly for players that just want to make a roleplaying character and play a normal person without feeling the pressure of classes and mechanics but want stats (or in some cases a freeform sheet).These classes start at level one and once you get to level three each class will converted to one of the others based on what you have can however continue as this class.

Class Class Sheet (Medium) Class Sheet (Small)
Commoner Commoner Sheet Commoner Sheet Small
Expert Expert Sheet Expert Sheet Small
Warrior Warrior Sheet Warrior Sheet Small

Registering children: Read these Rules

Note on classes

Classes that have unchained versions will not be into consideration for a archtype. Playtest classes are subject to change, and if any new unchained version of a class we have it will be looked at and we will potentially changed the class over to that.

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