Commercial District
Commercial District


The Commercial district rose from the need to sell off the items and technology that Aria has developed over the years. This is where every merchant worth their comes to sell their wares. It started off small with only a few farmers selling their produce from The Commonlands. It grew as the city grew, adding more merchants, more restaurants and more tradesmen over time. All of the Arcanium items that are used through out the whole city are made in the Commercial District.


The Commercial District is only rivaled in size with North Point and the Mystic Ward. Where as those two sections of the city house a fraction of what is sold in the Commercial District. The Commercial District is where all the items produced in the Industrial District is sold. It has restaurants, cafes, clothing stores, markets and the list goes on. It is also where those wishing to learn a trade go to learn. All of the craftsmen have shops and workshops that they use to sell their goods and take on students wishing to learn the art.

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