(Veneration of the Nine Circles of Hell)
Aligment: Lawful Evil
Centers of Belief: Varies
Associated Beliefs: Yarnos

The philosophy of diabolism is often misunderstood by those who do not adhere to its tenets. It is easy to misunderstand, as the religion of Yarnos and the various cults of the other eight archdevils inexorably intertwine with and support the philosophy. Yet at its core, the primary difference between these religions and diabolism is the simple truth that a diabolist isn’t particularly interested in serving one of the Lords of Hell. His interests lie in the underlying structure of Hell itself. A diabolist sees each of the archdevils as an architect of the purest form of society, and Hell itself as the model for which such a society must be based. There cannot be rulers without the ruled, pleasure without the existence of pain and suffering, light without darkness. The argument that good is defined by evil and that kindness could not exist without cruelty is a favorite point of debate among diabolists. Many don’t view their interest and admiration of Hell as evil, but rather as an honest and open appreciation of the simple fact that Hell is a necessity, and its rulers are to be respected, not reviled.

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