Diplomacy Fastplay


Restriction: you cannot shift attitude more than 2 steps (GM discretion)
Restriction: your listener must be able to understand you
Restriction: you cannot retry for 24 hours
Restriction: you cannot use on creatures with <= 3 Int score
Restriction: generally ineffective in combat or in the face of imminent harm (GM discretion)
Base DC: see subtasks
Check Frequency: 1 per use
Success: attitude improves one step and one additional step for each 5 over the DC
Failure: <= 4 attitude is unchanged
Failure: >=5 attitude is decreased one step
Time: 1 minute of continuous interaction
Time: attitude shift generally lasts for 1d4 hours (GM discretion)

Gather Information

DC Base: 10 (common information)
DC Base: 20 (obscure or secret information)
Success: information gathered
Failure: topic might simply be unknown (GM discretion)
Time: at least 1d4 hours

Make Requests

Restriction: target creature must start out at least indifferent
Restriction: a request automatically fails if it goes against creature's values, nature threatens harm
Restriction: a request automatically fails if it's already been made, although other requests can be made
DC Base: 25 + creature’s Cha modifier (starting attitude hostile)
DC Base: 20 + creature’s Cha modifier (starting attitude unfriendly)
DC Base: 15 + creature’s Cha modifier (starting attitude indifferent)
DC Base: 10 + creature’s Cha modifier (starting attitude friendly)
DC Base: 0 + creature’s Cha modifier (starting attitude helpful)
DC Modifier: -5 give simple advice or directions
DC Modifier: +0 give detailed advice
DC Modifier: +0 give simple aid
DC Modifier: +5 reveal an unimportant secret
DC Modifier: +5 give lengthy or complicated aid
DC Modifier: +10 give dangerous aid
DC Modifier: +10 or more reveal an important secret
DC Modifier: +15 or more give aid that could result in punishment
DC Modifier: +5 per additional request
Success: creature gives in to your request
Success: helpful creatures give in to requests without a check
Failure: creature refuses your request
Time: 1 or more rounds of continuous interaction (GM override, complexity of request)

Final Notes

Bonus In: +2 Persuasive (feat)
Bonus In: +4 Persuasive (feat) + Diplomacy (10 ranks)
D20: Diplomacy + Gather Information

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