Elemental Plane Of Earth
Plane of Earth
Titles: The Eternal Delve
Sphere: Inner Sphere
Alignment: N/A
Planes DC : 10

The Elemental Plane of Earth is located within the Inner Sphere, between the Plane of Water and the Plane of Fire. A realm of seemingly endless rock, it is riddled with caverns, some of them the size of entire planets.


This plane is composed primarily of rock and earth, intersected by veins of precious metal and gemstones of such gigantic proportions that they cannot be believed by those who have never set foot there. Interspersed with this solid rock and earth are caverns of all sizes, some of them dark and dry, others filled with water and phosphorescent fungus. Others yet are lit by enormous crystals, enchanted to illuminate vast caves, like miniature suns.

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