Elignor Osworth
Elignor Osworth
Titles: Duke of Aria
Date Of birth: 12,021
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
House: House Osworth
Race: Alerian
Class: Ranger
Homeland: Aleris, Aria
Diety: Atheism


Duke Elignor Osworth is the head monarch in the city of Aria. He inherited the monarchy quite recently from his Uncle who had no sons. Being of the Osworth noble House, often simply known as House Osworth, he was the chosen candidate to rule the city.

Unfortunately, not much is known about his personal life, except that he served as a scout for the military and partook in a few expeditions to the world of Calari during his younger years. If he wishes to shares tales of his adventures, he'll do so in his own time. Who knows, perhaps one day, a library will have those tales for all to read.


Elignor has nothing but the best intentions for the people of Aria and will do what is needed for the prosperity of its people. However, he will not go into self righteous or tyrannical extremes like some rulers might do when under such pressure. He is said to be quite approachable and likes to listen to his people and any problems they might have.


Elignor has a rough rugged look to his features. When you look at the youthful face of his you can see a man that has been adventuring in his youth. His body is that of an athlete and that he keeps in shape. He dresses in the finery for his new role, but tends to dress in more earthy tones and fabrics that are able to breath better. He is tall and strong, but built for running. He has sharp eyes that can send chills down the spine of those that cross him.

Politics and Beliefs

Elignor believes in the supernatural, he has no strong ties to any set religion respecting all of them equally. The more destructive religions are forbidden within the city and any of the cults as well. Folks are free to worship their deities outside of the city. He knows that people will worship whatever they wish, no matter how many restrictions he instills. His policy is simple when it comes to these religions. It's "Do not ask, do not tell." As a result, no consequences can be taken upon you. However, he will not hesitate to make an example of religious followers that try and cause harm to his city or people in the name of their God(s).

Due to the city of Aria being so close to the borders of Kyan and Maj'dul, he tries to keep amiable relations with them by means of trading and allowing their citizens into the city.

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