Ethereal Plane
Ethereal plane
Sphere: Inner Sphere
Alignment: N/A
Description: Transitive plane which links the Material Plane and the Plane of Shadow
Planes DC : 20

The Ethereal is a transitive plane which borders the Material and the Shadow Plane. As it intrudes into both of its neighbors, it can be used for travel between them. On the borders of the plane, a traveler can peer into the neighboring reality, although the view is obscured as if looking through a cloudy pane of glass.


The Ethereal Plane is a ghostly realm that exists as a buffer between the Material Plane and the Shadow Plane, overlapping each. A traveler in the Ethereal plane experiences the real world as if the world were an insubstantial ghost, and can move through solid objects without being seen in the real world. Strange creatures dwell in the Ethereal Plane, as well as ghosts and dreams, many of which can sometimes extend their influence into the real world in mysterious and terrifying ways.

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