Experience Chart

As each character level, they get feats and ability increases The progression chart is:

Character Level EXP Required Feats Ability Score
1st 1st
2nd 3,000
3rd 7,500 2nd
4th 14,000 1st
5th 23,000 3rd
6th 35,000
7th 53,000 4th
8th 77,000 2nd
9th 115,000 5th
10th 160,000
11th 235,000 6th
12th 330,000 3rd
13th 475,000 7th
14th 665,000
15th 955,000 8th
16th 1,350,000 4th
17th 1,900,000 9th
18th 2,700,000
19th 3,850,000 10th
20th 5,350,000 5th

Note: You will not be able to level to level 5 until you have a character background written, no exceptions. It must be a minimum of 200 words long. You are also required to provide at least *one* storyhook that other players can use for interaction with your character.

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