Feytouched Lore
CR: By Class
Type: Outsider (Native)
Environment: Any land
Alignment: Any

Physical Description

Fey-touched are a wide group of beings. Some are wispy and beautiful while others are ugly and brutish. Some resemble elves, with pointed ears and almond shaped eyes. Others look more like trolls with warty skin and dis-proportioned limbs. As there are many types of fey out there hiding in this world there are that many of the fey touched. While not all fey are beautiful and alluring. There are some that are equally terrifying with a grace and presence that can rival the most beautiful of the fey. Regardless, all fey-touched have at least one feature or one characteristic that is out of the norm. They often have vibrantly colored hair or eyes to name a few.


The fey are known for their curiosity (some would say obsession) with humans and elves, and sometimes a fey falls in love with one of these creatures. These creatures known as feytouched have a half fey ancestor and even generations later, one feytouched can be born.


The personalities of feytouched are as varied as the fey themselves, from mischievous to tricksters to being downright malicious in nature.

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