Focused Spell

When you cast a spell that affects more than one creature, one opponent finds it more difficult to resist.

Benefit: When casting a spell that affects or targets more than one creature, you can choose one target or creature within the spell effect. That creature’s saving throw DC to resist the spell is increased by +2. You must choose which target to focus the spell on before casting the spell.

Level Increase: +1 (a focused spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell’s actual level.)

Spells that do not require a saving throw to resist or lessen the spell’s effect do not benefit from this feat.

DM's Note:

This one can be a little hard to interpret by some players to clarify, half damage is a less spell effect, a secondary effect on a successful save is a lessened effect this metamagic feat works on spells that a successful saving throw has no ill effect or lessened effect (example would be Hold Person

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