Foreign Quarter
Foreign Quarter


The Foreign Quarter was formed largely to deal with the expanse of the city from North Point. The city needed to house foreign politicians that come with business for the Duke. While Midland is where Aria's own politicians live and where the Duke lives. It was clear that those from the different countries and kingdoms needed their own place to stay while conducting their business with the Duke. The Midland is a self contained city within Aria and left no room to house their foreign guests. And the Quarter grew to house the displaced from these countries that did not wish to mingle among the others and soon tight little communities of the same races formed in the Quarter making those that travel to Aria feel a bit more at home when they stay here.


There are many advantages to being a neutral party in political affairs, and the foreign quarter is one of them. Foreign politicians need a place to stay during their visits, and the foreign quarter houses many popular celebrities that travel to and from Aria. The Foreign Quarter is where most non-native residents of Aria live, largely due to relaxed tax restrictions. In most districts, non-citizens pay more for basic city services, but in the Foreign Quarter this is not the case. Local law also extends the protections citizens of Aria enjoy in other districts to anyone who has been a resident of the Foreign Quarter for at least 3 months. As a result, merchants who have business interests in the city, visitors from other lands who have run out of funds to buy a ticket back, foreign adventurers trying to make their fortune in the City at the Heart of the World, and displaced peoples with no other home to go to often end up here. The culture in the Foreign Quarter is even more tied to other nations than elsewhere in Aria, and some blocks have a distinct cultural feel to them as members of the different lands gather in tight, small communities.

Points of Interest within the Foreign Quarter.

1. Opera House: The height of any evening that many of the foreign visitors to Aria enjoy a moving piece of performance.. For more information see Opera House.

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