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Frostheim is located in the north most area of the Norvallen continent.

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Frostheim is separated into two regions,Skagrod and Hallingdall.


Skagrod consists of rich forests and high grass due to the constant hydration that the plant life here receives from the occasional snowfalls. During the winter, Skagrod is covered mostly in snow like the rest of the continent. This region is where the majority of the Vilkur and Snow elves live and come from having smaller cities and villages scattered throughout the region.


The expanse is in the far north of Skagrod.This area tends to have colder winters than the rest of the continent. It has the most of the frozen tundra of Frostheim. It is near a constant winter here harsh winds and blizzards. Rarely does the temperatures rise to thaw the is also the homeland of the feared Frost Giants. There are other dangers such as polar bears, ice trolls and other type of giant creatures making this area of the world of little interest to the rest of Erin, with the exception of those courageous enough to brave its harsh enviroments, and dangers, to attempt to gather Adamantine deposits and explore the Grey Elf ruins located here.

Races Indigenous to Norvallen

Vilkur Snow Elf

Minor Ethnicities

Caranian Snow-Born (Half elf)


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