Getting Started

Before you start, read this!!

Make sure you read the Rules and Roleplaying Rules. This is very important.

Are you making a semi-freeform character? If so, ignore all of the stats below and use the Semi-Freeform Template. On Create New Page, cut and paste that code instead. Remember: you must show your finished character sheet to a GM for approval; this includes freeform characters.

If not, disregard this message and continue!

Character Creation rules

1. Limit 3 characters until further notice.

2. Discretion may require a player to be limited to1 dice character if the initial sheet created cannot be maintained with minimal to no assistance. It is a player's responsibility to maintain their sheet properly; however, this does not mean staff will not help the game's players. This is in place to prevent exhausting staff's focus from other projects that may take priority.

NOTE: A player may request staff to do their sheets for them; however, this will limit the player to just 1 characters in game. If confused on what this means, please seek out a staff member for more information.

Catch 22: These above rules are subject to changed and are based on the number of staff within the game with that said, character creation could be limited to one character or you may not be able to make more, or you may be able to make multiple characters You will never be told to delete a character you already made when the rules are changed don't be selfish, staff want to play too.

3. A character cannot be roleplayed or used until it is fully sheeted, put in your account, background finished, and fully approved. No exceptions.

4. Depending on how many characters you already have registered, frequent registering of more characters may delay staff's ability to get to them approved. This can take anywhere up to 1 to 3 months time. We ask that players consider staff's time when registering a new character. Do not abuse the privileges.

5. Staff desires nothing more than to ensure it has time to accommodate all players, existing and new. Please be considerate of staff's time when looking to make other characters. These rules will be enforced on a case-by-case basis as to avoid rule-lawyering.

There are other factors that will determine additional characters. Talk to the GMs Replica He will tell you about them.

Character Creation

First, pick a race. They have their benefits and drawbacks; so make sure you read them carefully.

Next, you have a variety of traits and feats. These are what shape your character, so pay them careful mind. It may even help to have an end goal in mind as well. What you pick makes your character unique. We recommend looking at these before you finalize your ability scores because there may be a lot of shifting around of points afterwards. Also, looking at the talents and backgrounds can give you ideas for your character you never thought of before!

Now for a page for your character! There is a space to the left for a new page. You can use this by typing in the name of your character. You can also use:

It's advised to use only a first name, as it will be much easier for linking purposes.

Before you do that, visit our Class page. To the right of each class, you will see <class> Sheet; this is the code for your sheet. Don't worry if it looks a little intimidating, it's not as bad as it seems. Don't be intimidated. If you have any questions, please ask us, we want to help! There is a Calculator that can help with your stat point allotment.

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