Goods And Services

Beyond armor and weapons, a character can carry a whole variety of gear, from rations (to sustain him on long travels), to rope (which is useful in countless circumstances).

Adventuring Gear: This page includes all sorts of hunting, camping, fishing, and survival gear as well as light sources like torches and lanterns.

Alchemical Creations This page includes all sorts of items which require a Craft (alchemy) check to create.

Animals & Animal Gear This page includes all manner of live animals used as pets, mounts or attack animals.

Books, Paper, & Writing Supplies This page includes all sorts of inks, quills, books, papers, parchments and various items related to writing.

Clothing & Containers This page includes all sorts of articles of clothing as well as bags, boxes and other containers.

Furniture, Trade Goods & Vehicles This page includes items to decorate a keep with including statues, tapestries, tables, chairs, and other similar items.

Hirelings, Servants & Services This page includes all types of hirelings, servants and services like spellcasting or messenger service.

Locks, Keys, Tools & Kits This page includes all sorts of items used to bind prisoners, or to open locks (like keys) as well as all sorts of miscelleneous tools and tool kits.

Religious Items, Toys & Games This page includes all sorts of things like channel focus, altars, clerical items, as well as entertainment items like decks of cards,Musical Instruments , puzzles, and other games.

Technological Equipment the Medieval Science-Science fantasy stuff is listed here, alot of it is non cannon stuff that exists in this theme.

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