Half Elf Lore
Half Elf
CR: By Class
Type: Humanoid (Elf and human)
Environment: Any land
Alignment: Any


Half-elven males on average stand a few inches taller than human males, while half-elven women stand a good deal taller than their average human counterparts: about five to six inches. Half-elves are shorter than elves, and have pointed ears, although not nearly as elongated as those of their elven ancestors. They retain the lean build and comely appearance of the elves, while their skin, while fair, takes its color from their human lineage. Some half-elves look more like their human ancestors, while others favor their elven progenitors in appearance. This variance can often lead to social stigmas, as the more human-looking half-elves are more-easily accepted in human society, and vice versa


Most half-elves do not have one elven and one human parent, but come from such a pairing that is many generations in the past. Others are born from two half-elven parents, or even a half-elf with a full elf or human. These different varieties are all still considered half-elven, although in appearance they may resemble one lineage more than the other.

Half-Elf Heritages

Most half-elves' ancestry traces back to the standard elven ethnicity known as High Elf. Half-elves from other elven cultures exist, and display distinctive features and attributes. Some of these half-elf heritages include

Snow elf half-elf (Snowborn): ancestry is Snow Elf
Pure blood half elf: The offspring of two half elves
Bloodline half elf: a half elf born many generations apart from its original elven ancestor.


There is no such thing as a "standard" half-elven childhood. Many are born into loving families and nurturing communities that teach them their values, be they human or elven. Others are born into environments that are less supportive and understanding of their mixed nature, and in these, the half-elven child must constantly fight for acceptance and recognition. This need for self-reliance can often foster traits that serve them well in their search for to find their own meaning in life, apart from that of their birth community.

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