CR: By Class
Type: Humanoid (Lupin)
Environment: Any land
Alignment: Any


The canidae are cousins to the Lupin. They take on a humanoid appearance with bestial features such as having a tail of various length, ears, etc. While the Lupin take on a bestial appearance altogether, the canidae possess far less fur. Depending on their heritage, tiny details such as ear shape or type can be affected by the parent race; Canidae possess stocky, but agile bodies. The canidae typically have an average muscle tone, not possessing too much bulk, but not necessarily being completely lean either; although, both variations have been known to occur in isolated circles.

Their heights are typically average as well, possessing the same traits as their muscle tone. You can see some very tall canidae, and also some rather short ones as well - runt of the litters so-to-speak. It is not uncommon, also, for eye and hair color variants to be the same as those possessed by common dogs, but, for the most part, canidae are very humanoid in appearance, possessing normal hues of eye and hair color as any other race.


Because canidaes are not restricted to what type of societies they are found in, their personalities possess a wide variety of characteristics. A common myth is that canidae possess animal-like personalities, so they act like dogs do, etc while in the spectacle of public society. This is false and, to be honest, a little bit of an insult, especially calling them mutt or stray. While the canidae possess a semi-bestial appearance, their personalities are no more or less different than those they interact with. Depending on which region one finds themselves, the canidae will typically adapt to that culture to survive, so it is not uncommon to find a tribe of hostile canidae in one region, and turn around and find extremely docile ones in another.

Because of this trait in their personalities, the region a canidae is raised up in will typically determine what kind of profession they find themselves in; for example, a canidae raised in the woods may grow up becoming a ranger, or perhaps one who has lived within city walls its entire life may join the ranks of a knighthood to protect its homeland. Due to this fact, canidae are rarely stereotyped to a single type of profession, and can fill just about any ranks that are required of them.

Caution to the foreigner, however, as canidae are extremely loyal to those they allow within their inner circle, and they do not take very kindly to friends or loved ones they've committed to protecting with their lives being harassed or threatened. Unlike their feral brethren, however, they are cunning and calculated if they need to be, and do not typically mindlessly attack directly. In addition to this, canidae typically do not enjoy being referred to in terms that refer to their feral, more primitive brethren. One might tease another with the terms depending on how close they are to one another; however, a complete stranger doing this might guarantee something bad happens to them if a canidae takes it serious enough.


A lupin that has children with a Human, the child is always born canidae. If a canidae and a canidae where to have children, they will always be born a canidae.If a human and a canidae have a child it will always be born a human with a 5% chance of being born a canidae.Canidae and lupin always have lupin children.

Relation with ancestral bloodlines.

The canidae are not without its own conflicts, however, as sometimes the Lupin may be hesitant, or downright defiant in indulging them with their ways, causing turmoil in their houses. Despite this, however, most Lupin treat canidae with respect and accept them among their people. Their key to coping with the halfbreeds is simply to regard them as a separate race altogether that shares distinguishing features and personality traits. The treatment they receive is very much akin to the same treatment that is received by half elves by the elven people. Indifference may be the stronger word used. Thankfully, rarely are there direct hostilities that escalate to violence.


From left to right, Canidae with wolf tribe heritage canidae with fox tribe heritage and canidae with jackal heritage

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