CR: By Class
Type: Humanoid (Usakichi)
Environment: Any land
Alignment: Any


Svar look human with beast features (i.e. tail, ears, etc.) and have less fur than their Usakichi Svar can always tie their ancestry to Humans, unlike the rest of the beastfolk tribes which may have elven ties.


Svar are friendly and easy to get along with most usually having rather docile and friendly personalities. They tend to enjoy fine arts and love to learn things as much as they can.

Some of Svar actively live among humans, using simple disguises to hide in plain sight. The reasons for such endeavors are many. Sometimes, a Svar, having fallen in love with a human, marries that human. The reasons for such reasons for such is vast. Frequently, those that do so hide their true form from even their beloved. They do so out of fear, due to their race once bred for slavery. Though most people are indifferent to this ideal some will wish to see them returned for their original status. Most of the marriages in which the Svar hide their true appearance does not end well. The reason behind this is quite often the lie in which the Svar performs so to speak. Others live among humans as spies, sending reports on human activities back to a village so they might be better prepared to deal with human incursions. Even when Svar do not live among humans they are not completely distant from them. Svar merchants sell in the markets of men.


Children born from an Usakichi and a Human are always born Svar. If a Svar and a Svar were to have children, they will always be born a Svar. If a Human and Svar have a child, The child will be born human with a

5% chance of being born a svar with the Human Sized racial feature.

Relation with ancestral bloodlines.

Svar are always accepted by their Usakichi family regardless of how they came to be. This is the only clan that has been known to always be this accepting of beastfolk hybrids overall. Perhaps this is because of their instincts to be in large numbers or it is their usual non-competitive personality and strong family values that are the cause of this, we may never know.

Svar are experts of blending into human communes and thus get along with their human kinsmen rather well. In some villages, they will even hide their ears by wearing hats and other forms of head wear. Their tails can more than easily be hidden so they are rarely a problem. Even when humans know what they are, they tend to accept them due to their personalities.


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