Homebrew Things Of Note

Even tho the site may say things are one way, the wording has not been altered for some spells, effects and abilities for the sake of keeping its original content however, below are some of the major homebrew rules within the world of Xilrin.

1. Alignment spells ,effects and items: you have to match the exact alignment to be able to use a item, spell or effect that is not yours. for example, on normal pathfinder using a alignment weapon that is not of your alignment simply imposes a negative level penalty in Xilrin, unless you use the use magic device rules the magic properties of the item will simply not work for you.

2. Dominate and charm effects: you may only have one person dominated at any given time, and its up to the DM if they want you to "keep them" after the quest. don't try and find loopholes that doesn't work on this game.

The same rules apply to charm person

3. Magical weapons and DR bypass: on this setting magical weapons do not bypass DR based on its enchantment bonus

4. Spell Durations and Range The range and durations of some spells have been reduced

5. Class features some class features such as domains,school powers and bloodlines have been changed.

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