Houri Lore
CR: By Class
Type: Humanoid (Fey)
Environment: Any land
Alignment: Any

Physical Description

Houri are among the most beautiful of all mortal races. They are universally fair, and their body types tend to range from lithe and petite to slender with much to show in the bosom area. They have flawlessly smooth skin, luxuriant hair, beautiful eyes, perfect features and delicate pointed ears. A Houri may have any skin coloration depending on the appearance of her parents. Pale and creamy skin with blonde hair, and green eyes are most common, but Houri have been born with brown, black or well-tanned skin and a vast array of hair and eye color.

Houri never show signs of age when they do mature. Once they reach their middle age, they take on an ageless beauty, making it impossible to determine the relative age of Houri who are past their youth. Even undead Houri do not lose their beauty for their bodies never suffer from the ravages of vermin or decomposition.


Houri learn at an early age they can affect those around them without meaning to. As they mature they are cautious about what they say and who they say it to. A Houri wishing to compliment a young bard is precise in her wording, leaving no room for misinterpretation of her intention. Similarly, if a Houri must correct or chide an individual, she does so in the gentlest possible fashion. Despite this, most Houri are plagued by jealousy, obsession, and unwanted attention throughout their lives.

A Houri gained in a caring environment is generally taught to defend herself before reaching her majority at nineteen years of age. Unlike most crossbreeds, Houri are accepted by nearly any community they choose to become a part of, but most feel they need to see more of the world before settling down permanently. Houri are cautious when making friends, but most gather a collection of close and beloved comrades. Friends both protect the Houri, and allow her to enjoy friendly companionship with those she trusts not to ask for more than she is willing to give.

Houri have a great love of beauty, art, nature, and music. They appreciate all expressions of love or kindness and are particularly fond of good poetry (though amused by even the worst doggerel) . They are in no way flighty or simple, however. Houri are intelligent, cunning, even calculating when they need to be. A Houri can become downright bloodthirsty when defending herself or those she cares for.

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