House Endrin


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House Endrin
Type: Social (Noble Family)
Scope: National (Aleris)
Structure: Familial


The House Endrin can trace their roots going back 2,000 years. Their forefathers came from Skagrod and settles into Harrogate Wilds. The House was founded with the marriage of Reynir Endrin and his wife Myrka of the tribe of refugees that lived in the area at the time. The union was meant to unified their people so the fighting over the farming and hunting lands would stop. It was the start of a power that grew over time. The early years were mainly spent cultivating the lands and building up a stable place for them to live.
Haakon Endrin and Maxima Vollehoven.

Current Prospects


The strong feed upon the weak. It's such an obligingly simple rule.


Clyde Endrin


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