House Shaw
House Shaw
Type: Social (Noble Family)
Scope: National (Aleris)
Structure: Familial


House Shaw dates its beginnings to about 2,000 years ago, when the original House Shaw ruled the territory with its militia, and its self-proclaimed rules of all of the upper grasslands. Shortly after the Alerian Civil wars ended, and peace was made, they took the throne and became the ruling house of Aleris.

Current prospects

House Shaw is considered the royal family of Aleris; though, they technically control all of the kingdom. Most of their dominating influence is within the Upper grasslands and the capital city of Aranthi. House Shaw has a mass wealth from the city of Aranthi's trade routes along with wealth that comes from taxes and other businesses that they have in the continent of Calari.


We were descended from royalty.


King William III


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