Industrial District
Industrial District


The Industrial District was built outside of the city. As the city expanded and grew from around North Point, it was deemed necessary that the Industrial district be placed outside of the city walls. It has its own smaller set of walls surrounding it to protect it from raiders. It is also easier that the river that runs through the center of the city flows out past the district so the pollution does not enter into the city. It is the second most populated area, giving rise to a lot of the improvements to the raw materials to make better quality weapons, building materials and other items.

There was once a great fire that burned half of the district as one of the factories exploded. It nearly brought the city to its knees, but this is another reason why it is kept outside of the city and stricter safety laws are enforced in this district. As a remembrance for those that lost their lives in this great fire that burned for five days a Huge statue was built and the names of those that lost their lives are etched into the base.


The Industrial District, the filthiest district in the city. All of the major factories are located here, along with plenty of warehouses to store materials and wares for shipping. There are are a lot of import and export companies, trading companies located in this district. It is true that they do not care what you look like here, only that your able to pull your weight on the factory floor. Those that work in this district tend to be very filthy. You do tend to find a lot of beggars in the streets here. The streets get busy at the early morning hours when the workers head in for the day and again at night when they close up shop. There are some factories that operate overnight, usually the mills providing the raw materials for buildings, armory and weapons.

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