Inventory Limit


Every character is treated as automatically having a mundane Backpack.
Every caster is treated as Automatically having a mundane Spell component Pouch

Item Limits

1. 15 potions per character
2. Only 15 scrolls per character
3. Only 2 wands per character
4. Players are limited to 6 "hands" worth of weapons, a two handed weapon is 2 hands and a one handed weapon one, weapons such as the bastard sword are treated as two hands unless you take the feat that treats it as a one handed weapon (Gauntlets do not count towards this limit)
5. Can only carry 15 items on your backpack
6 80 ammunition

Thrown weaponry

Weapons that are intended to be used as thrown count towards your weapon limit.


Players are treated as having a bandoleer, a quiver, whatever the case may be that can carry a combined total of (insert # here) pieces of ammunition. Ammunition is considered the following.

2. Bolts and arrows
3. Bullets
4. Shurikens

Carrying capacity

We are strict when it comes to the carrying capacity rules here if you need help determining how much your character can carry refer to this chart.

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