Iron Cold

This iron, mined deep underground and known for its effectiveness against demons and fey creatures, is forged at a lower temperature to preserve its delicate properties.

Items without metal parts cannot be made from cold iron. An arrow could be made of cold iron, but a quarterstaff could not.

HP/inch 30
Hardness 10
Cost Weapons x2 normal. Add magic enhancement +2,000 gp.
Cost (Longer Wording) "Weapons made of cold iron cost twice as much to make as their normal counterparts. Also, adding any magical enhancements to a cold iron weapon increases its price by 2,000 gp. This increase is applied the first time the item is enhanced, not once per ability added. A double weapon with one cold iron half costs 50% more than normal."

Note: The 2,000gp price increase applies to a character's Magic Item Limitation.

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