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Western Kingdoms Characters

Character Name Class Level Date of Birth Character Picture
Character's name Classes and class levels(if multiclassed) Character level Character's DoB Source where picture is from (if you don't know, don't worry about it)

Calari Characters

Character Name Class Level Date of Birth
Falia Rogue 3 12,013
Kiva Commoner {Midwife/Healer} 1 12,037

Freeform Characters

Character Name Class Date of Birth
Melisande Commoner {Child} 12,048
Khyria Commoner {Dancer} 12,038
Joren Commoner {Artist} 12,039

Preferred Post length

Preferred Post length Yes No
Very short (1-2 sentences) X
short (2-4 sentences) X
Semi-Paragraph ( 4-7 Sentences) X
Strong paragraph ( 10-14 sentences) X
No preference X

Index: Simply Put a X for yes or no and check as many as you like.keep in mind the pickier you are the harder it might be for you to find someone to role play with however.

Other information

Always happy to pick up another character or two for people who need family {kids; parents; etc}

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