Jason Renard
Jason "Pa" Renard
Titles: Owner of the Anvilfire Inn
Date Of birth: 12,06
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Race: Alerian
Class: Fighter
Homeland: Aleris
Diety: Agnostic


Jason Renard used to be a great hero back in his younger days. From slaying Ogres and Dragons, to fighting barbarian hordes and having have saved the world maybe once or twice in his lifetime. However, the life of adventuring must eventually come to an end. With his earnings he decided to build the AnvilFire inn and the AnvilFire forge behind it. He soon after married his traveling companion from his adventures, the Mystic known as Calina, in which he had a few children with her.


Jason has has a laid back and friendly personality and always offers advice and answers any questions young adventurers may have. However, if crossed, he's not shy in the least about doling out a punishment. It could be as simple as mucking out the stalls, cleaning the inn and forge, or whatever he deems fitting for a person to redeem themselves. He was nick named "Pa" by most of the locals and young adventurers due to him portraying himself as a patriarch figure to them from time to time. He might treat his patrons with a free meal and drink, a few nights free room and board on occasion, perhaps help one who is in need, or spoil them a bit if it is well deserved. However, he'll also throw ya out on yer ass if you won't behave. Or his bouncers might. He has even been known to offer employment to the less fortunate if he has the means to do so, from hiring them in the tavern and forge, to using his connections to find adventuring jobs for them.


Jason tends to dress in more down to earth clothing and comfortable ones. He is not tall in stature, but he has a presence that is hard to deny or be drawn to. Jason has a few years on him and that is clear in the rugged looks of his face and the little extra weight around the middle. He still has the muscle to back up his bravado and handle unruly patrons.

Politics and Beliefs

Jason strongly backs the city-state of Aria and the ruling bodies within it and they have never given him a reason to speak ill of them. Due to his many years of adventuring and experiences, he doesn't devote himself to one particular deity.

regarding Jason

Jason is an open NPC, anyone is welcome to use him or associate with him somehow in their roleplay. Just don't abuse his power. If he can't help you, he surely might know someone who can.

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