Alignment: Varies (lawful Dominant)
Capital: Tetsuharu
Ruler: Emperor Saimei
Government: Hereditari Monarchy
Demonym: Rokugani
Adjective: Rokugani

Weather in Upper Kyan

Weather in Lower Kyan




Kyan was established over 5,000 years ago when humans, that came from Amihama, made their way back towards the Ezlia region. It's unclear why humans made their way to the Rai lands of Amihama; however, there are many theories: Some believe it was people that were taken from ancient Maj'dul by primitive rai tribes, while others believe it was a migration attempt, that over a few thousand years, looped back to the main land of Ezlia. Whatever the case may be, the people became known as Rokugani, and they brought back the language and some culture and traditions from the Rai tribes which, over the year, they altered into their own uniqueness.


The founding of Kyan is one with a history of war and violence, and after the tribes of the local area where eliminated, and the countries borders established, many feudal lords rose splitting the country into dozens of small nations; however, in the end, and after about 400 years of war, only one remained and thus the unification of Kyan occurred and the empire was created.


The expansion of Kyan happened over the course of a few hundred years (estimated to be somewhere around the year 8,000). When the Rokugani migrated back to the land of Kyan, they brought back with them the technology to make swords and armor out of steel. The local tribes, and people of the area, weere still using mostly bronze weapons and little to no armor, so it came to no surprise that the Rokugani eliminated their competition for the land rather quickly. Thus the Rokugani lands were established. The Rokugani, during this period, could have more than easily expanded their lands to most, if not all, of Ezlia; however, though history is not clear as to how, the lands of Aleris and Maj'dul also got ahold of the ability to make weapons out of steel and armor and thus their advancement was halted.


The government is a hereditary monarchy which may vary from dynasty to dynasty. The current ruler of Kyan is emperor Saimei and the Imperial Court.


The exact ratio of the military might in Kyan is unknown; however, it is fact that they have the largest military force out of all of Ezlia, where as in Aleris and Maj'dul the ratio of military combatants is 1:100 in Kyan the ratio is 5:100.

Noble houses:

Imperial Court


The geography of Kyan varies from bamboo forests to thick brush forests and is abundant in broad plains. Kyan is dotted with the foothills and lower mountains, with altitudes of over 500 meters. These well-cultivated and fertile lands produce abundant crops. Due to the fertility of the land, the Rokugani people are spread throughout. The Kyan are in various towns and settlements.


Kyan is mostly composed of Rokugani, making up nearly all of its population with other ethnics being very rare to see within Kyan, and Rai are common due to having close ties with them, but they are still few in number.
Kyan has a very complex society See Kyan Culture


Kyan mostly Worships Kiyoshi and Avasir, there are a large number of followers that also practice Tamashigo and Ichimeiyo.


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