Maj Dul
Alignment: Varies
Capital: Mriyah
Ruler: The Courts And the Sultan Mekvir
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Demonym: Anvari
Adjective: Anvari

Weather in D’kalkaya fields

Weather in A‘tahja desert

Maj'Dul is the oldest human kingdom in existence, and home of the Anvari people. It's said that Maj'Dul is the cradle for all human civilization as there is historical evidence that early humans did in fact come from this area and migrated all over Ezlia. Though it was a forest hundreds of thousands of years ago, for those who wandered off to inhabit the rest of the world, it was becoming necessary to populate more of the world due to climate change. To survive, many left, and therefore the varied races of the world were born. Forests turning arid meant resources dwindled and not everyone would survive, so many made the difficult choice to explore and find new homes elsewhere. For those who stayed, they learned to live with the changing climates long ago and adapted to the changes within nature and themselves. Now generations later, Maj'Dul and its people are strong and resilient, and highly resourceful.

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It's difficult to have all of Maj'Dul's full history since it dates back to thousands of years, though there are bits and pieces of early history mentioned from stone tablets and most of it is not relevant in today's history except for historical value. Many stories may have an oral tradition, but perhaps in time, they'll be written down as well. The people of Maj'Dul have tablets saying how it was once a great forest and that when "The Great Sundering" came a few hundred thousand years ago, people left to look for better lands.


The founding of Maj'Dul dates back to over 20,000 years. There are various scriptures and legends speaking of falling and rising nations within the area; and many Sultans coming and going over the years. Not to mention various rulers rising and falling as often as a few of their ancient civilizations. However, they have always called their lands Maj'Dul.


Maj'Dul was already a nation before any other nation even existed. Its borders came naturally as other nations began to form and they didn't want the other new nations encroaching on their territory. Officially however, Maj'Dul never expanded.


Maj'Dul is ran by the three courts. The Court of Blades, The Court of Coin, and The Court of Truth. The Sultan has limited power due to a treaty having been signed thousands of years ago. It promised the protection of Temple rights, protection for the barons from illegal imprisonment, access to swift justice, and limitations on feudal payments to the Crown. The Sultan is still seen as a symbol of power by the people.

1. The Court of Blades The court's main responsibility is for the protection of Maj'Dul and its people from creatures of the land, invading forces, and any other threat within the Kingdom. They make sure armies are maintained, soldiers are trained and that any new military technology that may arise becomes common in the lands of Maj'Dul also.

2. The Court of Coin The main responsibility for The Court of Coin is to manage the kingdoms finances. This includes merchants transactions, banking, trading, and gambling. They are responsible for monitoring the economy of Maj'Dul and overseeing that international trades are being done fairly to their people and vice versa. These are men and women who you do not wish to be on the bad said of. Money might pay for many things, but not happiness, and it certainly can't bring you back from the dead.

3. The Court of Truth The main goal of the Court of Truth is to make sure that traditions are kept, people are educated and that new discoveries are learned and taught to the people of Maj'Dul. The Court of Truth is the most respected of the three courts due to their policy "No truth covered" no matter how grim a section of history or an event might be. They do their best to make sure that is documented properly in history.

4. The Sultan The Sultan himself has very limited powers. However, one of his jobs is to ensure that there is no corruption within the Courts, and his own court is responsible for appointing political leaders throughout the land and to handle political affairs in and outside of the Kingdom of Maj'Dul with the support of the three courts.

Outsiders view the government system that Maj'Dul has as corrupt or over-controlling. That is usually up to individuals how they see this, whether or not its true. Their government seems to work regardless.


Noble houses:

Court Of blades Court of Coin Court of truth


Maj'Dul is known for it's desert basin and range region in the south. The region itself has it's share of huge grasslands and even some small forests in the upper areas of the country. Most think of Maj'Dul and thin of nothing but arid deserts and sandstorms.

1.A‘tahja desert
2. D’kalkaya fields


Maj'Dul is mostly inhabited by the Anvari people with the Caldarian people consisting of 15% of the overall population, however they consider the culture of Maj'Dul their own. 1% of the population in Maj'Dul consists of other races and because of such a low population of non indigenous races in the area, they rarely get any xenophobic treatment due to those that come to Maj'Dul tend to adapt to their culture and make it their own.


Maj'Dul has the same Religious pantheon as most of Ezlia.

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