Master Of Your Kind

Prerequisites: Familiar, speak with animals of its kind ability.

Benefit: Your master gains a +2 bonus on Handle Animal checks with animals of your kind. In addition, once per day you can use animal messenger, animal trance, or charm animal as a spell-like ability, using your master's caster level but your own Charisma modifier. These abilities affect only animals of your kind, and you gain only one use of this ability per day (not one of each ability); however, you can gain one additional use of any one of these three abilities by Using SP of the same level or higher as a standard action with 2000% ED attached to it.

Fast play chart

A chart has been provided which initial ED cost (normal SD rules apply)

Channeling Feats

Spelll Spell level Starting ED cost
animal messenger 2 40
animal trance 2 40
charm animal 2 40
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