Material Plane
Material Plane
Sphere: Inner Sphere
Description: Endless voids very occasionally filled with celestial objects
Planes DC: 35

The Material Plane is the observable reality in which the world of Xilrin itself exists. It is a star-filled ocean of void, occasionally harboring life on other terrestrial planets or other, less stable, celestial bodies. The material plane, however, is not without its own mysteries - some of which may not be so foreign to Xilrin itself; although, no single humanoid knows its secrets, and have been known to either be regarded as crazy by their peers, or have been driven mad for seemingly unknown reasons.

Despite the seemingly infinite number of mysteries and depth surrounding the material plane, it is only the gatekeeper to the planes beyond and surrounding. Many scholars would venture it would take a form of technology or magic beyond anything capable of existing to explore the material plane in its entirety. Because of this, such a venture is deemed impossible to know for it is heralded to be the realm of the gods outside of Xilrin's own sky.

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