(City State)
Size: Metropolis
Population: 300,000
Demographics: 90%Melahverfian, 10% Various
Government: Imperial Rule
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Ruler: Duke Clyde

Known as the City of Roses, Melahverfi is the heart of the Melahverfian nation, the home of the Damned House of Endrin, and—according to ignorant foreigners—the closest place to Hell on Erin. While the influence of the infernal is obvious, Melahverfi is actually much like any other bustling city, with its share of nobles, slums, and regular people just trying to put food on the table. Even from its earliest days, Melahverfi was known as the City of Roses due to the vast fields of red roses that grew on the plains around the town. When Yarnos came to Melahverfi, one of his miracles was to turn half of the roses in Melahverfi black.


The city of Melahverfi deals in just about anything the mind can come up with. It uses its large ships and caravans to import and export goods from all over Xilrin, from the fine silks of Kyan to oils from Maj'Dul. While slavery is legal inside of Melahverfi, they do act as more of a middle man in terms of exporting slaves. They work closely with Althena and exporting slaves from there for a cut in the profits.


The city is ruled by Duke Clyde and has been for the last 300 years or so since the death of his mother, Duchess Samantha I. House Endrin is the noble family within the city and has most of the positions of power within the city; however, the royal counsel is composed of citizens of the kingdom that proved themselves one way or another to be within its ranks.

Melahverfi is home to the most powerful members of the Endrin nobility. All of the great noble houses have relatives and agents seeded throughout the Mayoral Executive, the city guard, and the imperial bureaucracy headquartered in the city. While it is true House Endrin is firmly in control of Melahverfi, they do allow members of the other Houses to hold positions of leadership within the city. Even normal citizens of Melahverfi can rise into a position of influence, mainly the position of magistrate of certain wards of the city.


The area around Melahverfi is a geographically-diverse region that features a high concentration of settlements and towns besides the city itself. The city itself is located near the Gulf of Xianyi. The Harrowgate Wilds act as a natural barrier from Aria's territory and that belonging to Aranthi as well. There is plenty of farming lands fields that are located outside of the city, providing food and grain for the entire city and its settlements.

A person arriving in Melahverfi from the sea would see an awe inspiring sight of the gothic style buildings that stretches for miles. There is an area blocked off for just airships as that is one of the main forms of transportation out of the city. While there is another dock for traditional ships that carry cargo and shipments. The forests that stretch beyond the farming fields is where the hunters go to hunt and to ensure that none of the wild life strays too far into the boundaries of the city.


The land itself was settled upon by Reynir Endrin and his wife Myrka. Haakon's ancestor who is Reynir Endrin bought the land and sent the family from Skagrod to settle it. The forest was a natural boundary to separate Melahverfi from the rest of the Aleris. The title of the lands and all the property House Endrin controls is passed down from each Head of house to the next. House Endrin started the city off as a small trading city that slowly expanded and grew over the years. It wasn't until Annabelle reign as the Head of the House that Melahverfi really grew into the empire it is today. Annabelle was the first woman to hold the position and the city flourished in a rush of arts and magic. She made the city become known as the City of Roses with the fields of roses she had planted to bring a beauty to the darkness of the city. Artists from around the Western Kingdoms came to paint, create and build in Melahverfi, making it a haven at one point for them. The city grew fast under her reign as the Head of House Endrin, and the wards of the city were formed. At the height of this enlightenment Annabelle stepped down as she reign for nearly two hundred years. She disappeared from sight and the next Head of House Endrin came into power.

Melahverfi spent much of its history as a trading city, hugging the edge of the Gulf of Xianyi. As first Aranthi, then Melahverfi rose to be the dominant power of Western Kingdoms, Melahverfi rose with it, becoming a major trading hub. Melahverfi was a typical city with twisting, organic roads. When Endrin made it the capital of their empire, one of the first things they did was embark on an urban renewal program to remake the city in a more orderly image.

House Endrin added a 20-acre plaza, Endrin Square, right in the middle of the city, and built four giant boulevards (the Prospects) straight out from the square, one in each cardinal direction, without any regard for the existing layout of the city. The result is countless intersections where the new streets intersect the old at odd angles. The West, South, and East Prospects even pierced the outer wall, and great gatehouses were erected for these new roads. The government plans to slowly rebuild the entire city in its image, and has made some small progress just west of Endrin Square, where the new grid pattern intersects in maddening and complex ways with the surrounding streets and alleys.

The Old City (as the locals call the northeast portion of Melahverfi) was largely untouched by the building program, though the outer wall has been broken by gates to the point of indefensibility. Architecture has changed as well, with all civic buildings and many noble dwellings being plated with red and black marble. The gothic Melahverfi School style of architecture is now used for all new buildings on pain of official disapproval, and even preexisting structures are often renovated, to the extent of painting the plaster on half-timber buildings dark red, to provide a more appropriate color scheme.


As one of the largest cities in Aleris, and a seat of power, influences from all parts of the kingdoms find their way here. Most Nobles come to Melahverfi at some point in their lives. Many establish a regular presence in the city in order to stay in touch with happenings in court. Visitors and merchants pass through, often taking up residence. Some possess a useful skill to ply in their new home, but others find themselves resorting to less savoury acts to survive. With all social classes present and confined within the walls of the city, it is not inconceivable to imagine the lowest-born thief rubbing shoulders with the wealthiest of nobles — or at least passing by on the same street.

While it is a well know fact that most of the inhabitants of Melahverfi fall under the Lawful Evil, they are just like everyone else. Melahverfians are not the villains, nor are they this tyrannically regime. They are exactly like everyone else they just have harsher law enforcement and punishments for crimes.

Every civilized humanoid race in Xilrin has at least one representative somewhere in Melahverfi. Make no mistake, though: despite its cosmopolitan leanings, Melahverfi is definitely a human city with 90% of its population being humans of Melahverfian descent.


The main cathedrals and churches for Yarnos are located within Melahverfi. Those that do not follow Yarnos tend to fall into the catagory of Diabolism.

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