As Aria expanded from North Point and the other districts started to slowly take shape. It was deemed necessary to build a proper home for the ruler of Aria. The Midlands started off with at first just the huge palace that lays in the center of Midland. From there is expanded outward to build homes for the nobles and the family members of the royal family. It didn't stop there as those that wished to sell to the nobles built a few shops and places to eat there. It was fast becoming its own little city within Aria. It was during the civil war that the massive walls went up around Midlands. As one of the battles took out a quarter of the homes in the Midlands. It was clear that the walls were needed to protect the ruling family and the elite and powerful that lived within it.

Midland's castle known as the Falcon Crest, took ten years to complete while the rest of the Midlands built up around it and the walls five years to complete. Once the civil war ended and the walls were put in place. Only the privileged few were invited to live within it. As a result a majority of the homes within Midland belong to the three noble families, House Endrin, House Shaw and House Osworth. Though a few other families and other powerful figures and politicians have earned the right to live in Midlands.


Standing atop Ainslie Hill, the Midlands has a commanding view of the rest of the city, which its residents look down on both figuratively and literally. The Midlands are centered into the center of the city so that it is better protected from would be raiders. Nearly all of Aria's power players reside in the Midlands, including the Duke himself; one can see the royal palace and its stone walls. Nobles and the rich and famous also reside within the district, surrounding it. It also has the royal guard, a sub-division of the normal forces, guarding the district and the palace. The royal guard usually appears within the drop of a hat if a mass amount of trouble is made here.

The River Lyne that flows through the city acts as a natural barrier around the Midlands. The River Lyne flows in from The Commonlands through North Point to circle around the Midland and south out of the city and through the Industrial District. The River Lyne is used in defense for the Midlands serving as a natural moat for this city within the city. There are three entry points to the Midlands one in the Military Ward, one in the Foreign Quarter and one from North Point. High stone and metal walls surround the Midlands with military trained snipers in the towers and guards at each entry point. The Midlands has strict hours of when they allow non residents of the Midland within it. The guards will stop anyone without proof of residency from entering the Midlands after closing the metal doors.

The Midlands has the best of the best in terms of the quality of the homes built inside of it and they are the first to get the latest in technology, before anyone else. There is a private ferry that travels back and forth from the Docks to the Midlands shuttling the elite with ease from their Airships to the Midlands.

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