Military Ward
Military Ward


The Military Ward was formed due to the need to defend the growing city of Aria from raiders, bandits and highwaymen. When the civil war broke out it nearly tore the city apart with the bloody battles and slaughter of the people fighting for their Lord. The Military Ward came into being toward the end of the civil war in order to maintain peace between the citizens and the noble houses. The placement of the ward was designed to force a security check on those entering the city by the means of airships. The ward is one of the three only entrances to the Midland. In time of great need for military movement they have the airships to go to should the need arise.


The Military Quarter is the nerve center for all things martial. Whether you need weapons, armor or a gun this is the district in which to get them. There is a variety of different blacksmiths, arcane smiths, fletchers and tanners. There are stables that specializes in training horses and dogs for combat purposes. The best of the best are located in this district as they are ensuring that the city's militia is properly supplied to defend its walls against the monsters that roam the lands.

There is training grounds and barracks that fill this district. There is even a recruitment center that preps the enlisted for their service in defending Aria. The River Lyne skirts the edge of the ward that borders the Commercial District. It serves as a check point for the private ferry that heads to the Midland, and have to show proof of residency in the Midland in order to continue.

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