Mystic Ward
Mystic Ward


Magic and the Divine have always been a part of human history. While some races have a natural gift for such powers and others have to train to obtain the powers they have. It comes as no surprise that Aria has built and grown one of the best Mystic wards in their lands. While it is small and not and well defined or glamorous as the Capital or those that are built by the elves and other more magically inclined races.

The Mystic ward is a blend of magic and the divine it was created to house and teach control over the mystical. After an incident where a spell went horribly wrong and blew out one of the outer walls. That is when the wards went up to limit the use of such powerful spells within the city limits. The Mystic ward has given a means to the other districts to use specialty items to boost basic spells for everyday living as a secondary source of power when the Arcanium items stop working.


The Mystic Ward has a unique style that sets it apart from every other district. There are glyphs etched into the stonework of nearly every building within it's borders. There are statues that are scattered through the whole ward of the various deities and legendary figures of the mystical world. There are little shrines dotted through out the ward for those who believe in a god to pay their respects to them. When you walk through the streets of this ward you could feel the magic and divine all around you.

There are several abbeys and churches mixed among schools of magic and shops between them that sell everything one would need to perform a spell. There are several homes as well that belong to those that chose to live in the ward permanently. There is also several graveyards scattered in this ward usually attached to a church and one field that is used as a pauper's field for those too poor to be properly buried.

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